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Hover on a parish name to see the cost of forest restoration for its size.

The goal for The Size of Jersey is to become a simple and tangible tool that can be duplicated in other parts of the UK and the world to restore and protect threatened rainforests.

To achieve this, we have set up a temporary Go Get Funding page while our application for Jersey charity status is processed. All funds will be channeled to our partner in the field Forum Konservasi Leuser (FKL).

In Jersey, we can offset 35% of our carbon emissions by restoring forests in the Leuser Ecosystem the size of our island! 

The Size of Jersey is 11654 ha and it costs £160 to restore 1 ha of forest.

To successfully achieve our ambition, we need to raise a total of £1,798,352.

We are in the process of getting The Size of Jersey fully accredited as a registered Jersey Charity. In the meantime we have set up a crowdfunding site with "Go Get Funding" which we will use to collect donations.

Our aim is to be fully registered by December 2020 when all funds will be transferred to our new charity account. We will provide full transparency to our supporters to ensure they know that every penny raised goes towards The Size of Jersey Campaign.

To give you an idea how far your donations will go, to restore 1 hectare of palm oil back to forest it costs £160 on average. Perhaps you would consider becoming a regular donor? For just £25 per month you will be restoring approximately 2 hectares of forest per year!

All the donation options are on our Go Get Funding page where you can choose whether you would like to give a one off donation or monthly. Thanks so much for your interest and support!


Are you a business or high net worth individual or family who are looking to leave a lasting legacy to the natural world? 

With The Size of Jersey's Pledge A Parish Exclusivity Package we can facilitate a truly unique and lasting connection between you and the forest you have helped create.

In return we can organise tailor made visits to our restoration sites where you will be able to meet our experts in the field and even stand in the newly restored forest your generous donation has made possible. Please contact us directly to arrange a time we can come and discuss in greater detail.

Are you a business with a conscience? Would you like to join a growing community of local businesses willing to join us on our mission? Perhaps you feel obliged to offset your carbon footprint or bolster your public image?

We are looking for strategic partnerships with a wide variety of local businesses who pledge to support us in making our vision a reality. This can be through direct donations, offering us services at a discounted rate or simply enabling us to spread our vision to a wider audience.


Please get in touch for further details. 

Keep up to date on future Jersey based fund and awareness raising events via our Facebook page.

There will be numerous opportunities to get involved and show your support for this island wide campaign. As well as raising funds our aim is create a community of like minded individuals who can work together for a great cause whilst having a great deal of fun in the process.


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