"Our vision is to create a "global greenbelt" of protected forests around the world; havens of biodiversity whose existence is supported by the efforts of "citizen conservationists" living in the western world in cooperation with conservationists working in the frontline of tropical forest restoration and protection.

Through doing this we will build a global community, led by the people, a practical religion for day to day citizens, that allows humanity as a whole to live in balance with nature.

Most importantly this should be led by the people. We needn't ask permission, we just need to mobilise, organise and stay true to our principles"

Jonathan Stark, Founder, The Size of Jersey

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The mission of "The Size of Jersey" is to restore a rainforest the size of our island, specifically 4 illegal palm oil concessions that have been illegally planted within the boundary of the Leuser Ecosystem in Northern Sumatra. 


It is our mission to restore what has been taken away from this vital habitat - and through doing this assist Jersey in achieving our 2030 carbon neutrality goal. 


The Size of Jersey is an ambitious project and we are aware that it will only be possible if we have the community of Jersey engaged and involved.

We need to gather as many supporters as possible to take part, be that through direct donations, attending our fund raising events or connecting us with influential islanders who can help us realise our common goal.


The Size of Jersey began with  a fortuitous meeting in the rainforests of Northern Sumatra. Following 3 years of painstaking research and preparation we are now ready to release the concept to the public with the confidence that we will achieve our goal.


Our small team is made up of inspirational and world renowned conservation professionals. 


We invite you to meet them to learn more about their visions and goals.